Maeng Da Kratom For Beginners

There is plenty of choices out there for people to take with regards to Kratom. More and more people are becoming privy to the healthy and productive effects Kratom has on their recovery and health.

As more vendors cramp into the Kratom industry, more choices are available.

One of those choices is the popular and strong strain Maeng Da. It is the perfect strain for those seeking a recovery from opiate addiction or assistance in pain relief.

This review will help you determine if Maeng Da is right for your first experience with Kratom.

Maeng Da: Short BIo

Maeng Da has three colors, which means three veins, and three different medicinal abilities. Some of those medicinal abilities are lesser than others.

You will ordinarily hear people talk about the more powerful of all three, Red vein Maeng Da. There are two others. Green, which is a more soothing and relaxing effect, and white, which is an intermediate between the two aforementioned.

Maeng Da is from that Thailand but is grown in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Maeng Da involves no chemicals and is all natural. It’s medicinal properties, as well as euphoric come from two alkaloid, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Compares to other types of Kratom, Maeng has fuller or broad leafs, which produces a thicker green powder. It can be bought in resin, leaf, powder, and capsules.

For First Time Use: Which Vein Should I Go With?

This will depend on your purpose of taking Kratom. If you are coming off a drug addiction and looking to make healthier decisions and get your life back, Maeng Da kratom is a great choice.

The red vein is more productive in dealing with withdrawal symptoms, That’s because it is found to have a higher alkaloid concentration level. Red vein is also faster acting and longer lasting than the other veins of Maeng Da. It will help produce that familiar euphoric feeling you would get from morphine, while taking care of anxiety and aches.

The green vein as noted is a more soothing blend. If this is your first time with Kratom, and you aren’t a recovering addict, this may be the best first choice. it’ll enhance your social activity, give you more optimism, and encourage you to be more motivated.

The white vein can do a little bit of both from above. It doesn’t have as much medicinal ability as the red vein, but it does help energize you and help you get through your day at work. Most people take this vein before school or work because it has shown to be a great motivator and energizer.

How Much Should I Take For The First Time?

Kratom dosages can depend on your threshold, your weight, your height, and other factors.

Below is a recommended dose list, but with other users, you will have to experiment to find what works best for you.

High Dose:

8 grams and up.

Moderate Dose:

4 to 8 grams

Low Dose:

2 to 5 grams

Beginner Dose:

1 to 2 grams.

What’s The Best Way To Consume Maeng Da?

Everyone is different, some people like to “toss and wash,” which is when you spoon feed your dose into your mouth and wash it down with a liquid like water. The taste of Kratom is bitter, so you may prefer this method. You can also mix it with coffee or tea, and some people even make milkshakes with it.

Unless you are consuming Maeng Da capsules, you’ll want to make sure that you measure correctly. A half teaspoon is the equivalent of 1.5 powder grams of Maeng Da.

Maeng Da can last up to 8 hours, so make sure you take the appropriate dose amount at the time that best suits you.

Final Words

Maeng Da is an excellent candidate for your first time, but more for people who have a tolerance to painkillers. Because it is strong, you may not like the euphoric abilities. But if you are a recovering addict, the red vein option of Maeng Da will suit you best.

To know which vein is right for you, a little bit of research, and some soul searching on what kind of results you are looking for will go a long way in making your experience with Maeng Da the most effective one.