Secutitas Epay Valuable Service for Employers and Employees

Securitas Epay is a service that originated in Sweden, but is now available in the USA and 60 other countries.
This company provides online payroll capabilities allowing for paperless payrolls. It is cost saving and convenient for employers and employees alike. The Talx payroll portal allows employers to have immediate access to all wage information, taxes, hourly wage etc. as well as online check stubs, which saves on the printing and distribution of these items. Employees will be provided with instructions on logging into a portal which allows them to view their past and current information as well. Current payroll details are available the day before payday. Up to three years of information will be available for employees to review. There is even a telephone feature that allows employees to call and get their payroll information which includes net pay and check date.

Instructions for logging in to your Securitas Epay account are pretty simple. Go to the login page at Here you will need to enter both your Social Security number and your date of birth to use as a back-up PIN. After logging in the first time a password will be established. This password will be required to be changed every 90 days. From there you have the option of viewing your personal information like current address and phone number, income verification such as wage per hour and status like full or part-time and lastly, pay-stub review. The telephone service can be accessed at 1-866-604-3709. The automated telephone service provides prompts to access your account.

Securitas Epay is a secure and convenient way for companies to disburse payroll information. It is convenient for employees because it can be accessed from work or home. Both the online and telephone methods allow employees to print pays tubs as needed. Customer Service can also be contacted at the same number if any questions or issues arise.